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2008-06-01 21:25:18 by Christicle

Well between sniper, platformer, and a kind of defence game, I've been making a lot of progress in my re-emergence into Flash.

The only problem is in all three I cant get hitTests to work. Dammit!


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2008-06-04 05:58:48

How does one code without hitTest?!



if(_this.hitTest(_root.player._x,_roo t.player._y,true)){
trace("That was a shapeflag hitTest, it hitTests on the x inside your movieclip");

Yay for coding to you at 6 AM when I haven't slept yet, time to go finish my real coding on my game, good luck with the learning of AS, it's good stuff once you come to grasps with it.

Christicle responds:

Thanks a lot, and good luck with [whatever you're doing] too! I've tried probably 6-10 variations on the basic hit test, yet nothing worked. Might as well keep trying!